Dominici M200

Machine for embossing (punching) and coin wrapping chocolates and similar products M200 round, oval or square.

The machine is equipped with a device for cutting aluminum foil and wrapping coins with two stations for stamping (punching). This makes it possible to halve the time of embossing (punching) providing between the excellent quality of performance even in case of very hard embossing. This will save up to 10% when the aluminum foil wrapped coins from 20 to 43 mm in diameter. Which is obtained by cutting two turns of one roll at a time. With the help of a simple replacement of the two coils can also get coins having different colors of the package.

Fully complete model. Automatic lubrication of main components, easy access to the moving parts, driven by a motor, closed at the base of the machine.

Feed is provided by the feed tube. Changing speed without stopping. Automatic stop cutting of aluminum foil in the case of non-supply of coins for wrapping. Cutting aluminum foil and embossing in one pass.

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