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About us

Company Waltcher GmbH founded in 2009 in Krefeld. Main business — manufacturing, import and export of equipemnt for confectionery and chocolate industry, equipment and machinery for other industry areas, transfer of technologies, food, creating joint or separate projects for manufacturing products in Germany with financial support of government.


We are producing machinery:

  • 1) Forming machines for protein, cereal, granola, muesli, coconut chips, wafer crumbs or seeds mixes and masses with sugar syrop or chocolate — series MMC;
  • 2) Forming machines for sticky masses — such as fruit pastes, marzipan (marcipan), honey-based masses, fudge (fondant), soft krokant — series RFM;
  • 3) Chocolate moulding depositors, including one-shot;
  • 4) Jelly moulding, including one-shot;
  • 5) Enrobers with any working width;
  • 6) Cooling tunnels any working width, includes elevator type;
  • 7) Heating tunnels any working width;
  • 8) Decorators any working width;
  • 9) Transporters, includes turning for 90 and 180 degrees;
  • 10) Feeders for wrapping machines;
  • 11) Mixers, includes with double jacket and with reverse speed;
  • 12) Extruders — for praline, chewing gum and etc.;
  • 13) Ultrasonic cutters;

And other machinery by order…

Also we are buying and selling second hand confectionery machinery — for chocolate, wafers, hard candies, chewing gum, cookies, toffee. Wrapping machines — top-twist, double twist, vienna style, fold and envelope wrap styles.