Automatic forming machine RFM-200 with rounder

Using for fruit pastes, marzipan, soft krokant, fudge (fondant), nougat and other similar masses.

Design features:
— Fully automatic.
— Top table type model.
— Suitable for small capacity.
— Stainless steel, aluminum and special ultraplastic.
— An integrated conveyor system.
— Folding cantilever type transporter.
— Accurate speed control.

— Compact: it takes up to 0.8 square meters.
— Forming of different shapes of product
— Forming without scrap and waste
— High speed forming on the tape.
— Minimum resetting time
— Quick and easy cleaning
— Quick change of the forming set
— Custom-made rotor
— All parts having contact with the product are made from food-grade structural plastic and stainless steel

Working width: 200 mm .
Forming roller diameter: 200 mm .
Fully automatic operation
Drive power: 1 kW
Electricity: 230/400 V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Forming speed on belt: 1 — 10 m / min
Weight: 80 kgs.

Compressed air: 5 — 6 bar
Air consumption: 2 litres per min

Length: 720 mm.
Width: 850 mm.
The height (standard hopper): 720 mm.

Forming rotor for plum and similar pastes, marzipan, nougat

Product shape: dome-shape

Forming rotor lubrication system

Capacity (maximum): up to 200 kgs / hour.
Energy efficiency class: IE 3

Rounding machine
— Compact: it takes up to 0.6 square meters
— High speed forming.
— The accuracy of the size of the forming
— Possible location directly in front of frosting, cooling tunnel or oven
— Low power consumption

Drive power: 0.4 kW
Electricity: 220 V, 50Hz
Weight in kgs.: 50
Length: 500 mm.
Width: 500 mm.
Height: 900 mm.

Product shape: ball, diameter — by order

Delivery time 4-5 months.

12 months or 2,000 operating hours (until one of two conditions in one-shift operation, with the exception of fast wearing parts).

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