Waltcher GmbH was founded in 2009 in Krefeld. The main business is the production, import and export of equipment for the confectionery and chocolate industry, equipment and machinery for other industries, the transfer of technology, food, the creation of joint or separate projects for the production of products in Germany.
Production of modern equipment for the confectionery and chocolate industry

We manufacture equipment

  • Forming machines for the production of proteins, cereals, muesli, coconut flakes, waffle crumbs or a mixture of seeds and masses with sugar syrup or chocolate - MMC series;
  • Forming machines for sticky masses - such as fruit spreads, marzipan (marzipan), honey masses, fondant (fondant), soft crocant - RFM series;
  • Chocolate depositors oneshot;
  • Jelly depositors, including single-use;
  • Enrobers with working width 200-1200 mm;
  • Cooling tunnels horizontal type with working width 200-1200 mm;
  • Cooling tunnels elevator type;
  • Heating tunnels with working width 200-1200 mm;
  • Ball mills;
  • Polycarbonate molds;
  • Tempering machines;
  • Decorators of any working width;
  • Conveyors, including a turn of 90 and 180 degrees;
  • Feeders for packaging machines;
  • Mixers, including double jacketed and reverse speed;
  • Extruders - for pralines, chewing gum, etc;
  • Ultrasonic cutters;
  • And other equipment to order.

Our many years of experience in the field of equipment manufacturing allows us to ensure favorable prices, convenient delivery times, convenient payment terms for you, and a high level of service and maintenance.


Big experience in sphere of producing healthy snacks

Various ways of payment

Various ways of delivery
(air, railway, car, sea)

(Siemens finance, ABC finance, UniCredit)

24/7 online service

German quality

Teaching customer's staff

Individual approach

Steps of deal

Negotiations / Tests / Basic recipe
Negotiations about most suitable machine and demonstration of working the machine with customer's mass or we will provide basic recipe of mass
Making contract / Starting manufacturing
Making contract and starting to manufacturing equipment and forming roller according shape of ending product according customer's request
Final testing/Shipping
Test the machine with customer’s mass and forming roller produced according customer’s request. Delivery to customer’s factory. We can help to organize delivery by sky, sea or road
Launch at customer factory / Teaching custome's staff / Warranty period
Launch the machine at customer’s factory and teaching staff of customers to work with equipment. Warranty service (include online service) and after warranty service


Dmitry Stepanov


  • +49(0)179-7766520
  • info@waltcher.com


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