Working width: 200 mm

Roller Diameter: 250 mm

Capacity: up to 5400 bars / hour

Energy Efficiency Class: IE 3

Weight: 190 kg

Electric power: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases

Dimensions LxWxH: 900х780х770 mm

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In production the product, you can use various paste based (fruit) mass, for example, such as marzipan, creamy fudge, toffee, hematogen, soft candied roasted nuts, coconut flakes with syrup, nougat, protein masses and different fruit masses with various additives (date paste, dried apricots, dried French plum, mango, cherry, etc.) it all depends on your imagination and needs, the main thing is that the resulting mass has the main properties - stickiness and uniformity.

Forming machine for cereal mass RFM-200 is very easy to operate and service. You will no need large production areas and huge lines. Despite its small size, the forming machine RFM-200 has capacity up to 5 400 bars per hour, with a working width of 200 mm.

The prepared mass (fruit paste (or any other homogeneous, paste based product) mixed with various additions (crushed nuts, protein, rice balls etc.) is loaded into the hopper of the forming machine manually or automatically using a transport system. Special feeding shafts in the hopper of the forming machine fill the cells in the forming roll by paste based mass. Cells are made individually for each customer based on the size and shape of the final product.

Thus, the forming machine RFM-200 works without scraps and defects. Precise of the speed control of the feeding shafts and the forming roll allows you to customize the operation of the forming machine for each of mass, which allows you to produce a large assortment of paste based masses with one forming machine. Experiment, find new combinations of taste and benefit, because the compositions of fruit masses can be a great many.

Next, the already formed product enters to the belt of the transport system of the forming machine. Thanks to the integrated transport system, the finished product can transferred to the enrobing or packaging machine.

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