Working width: 400 mm

Capacity: up to 10800 bars/h

Compressed air: 6-7 bar

Weight: 650 kg

Electric power: 380 V, 50Hz, 3 phases

Dimensions LxWxH: 1600x1150x1800 mm

The height of the standard bunker: 1800 mm

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The hopper of the molding machine is filled manually or automatically using either continuously Buyer’s transport system continuously or manually. The body of the hopper is made of aluminum.
Safety bunker crossbar performs emergency stop switch function, namely to stop the operation of the machine, if the operator is storing in a container (not acceptable in the case of automatic loading).
The pressure in the hopper is provided by jetting shafts, mass is forced through a nozzle onto a rotating shaft of the molding which is made from special ultraplastic.
The final product (formed) molded to the vacuum belt. A shaft at the edge of the knife belt serves to transfer product to the next transport system or machine.
Protective screens are made of plexiglas.
The side wall of the working chamber is removed by hand without special tools. The batcher is made of ultraplastic, inside is a special scraper to clean off excess product.
The drives are controlled by frequency converters. The belt has a tension system. Purification from belt by scrapers made into a storage tray made of stainless steel.

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