Capacity: up to 200 kg/h

Compressed air: 4.9 bar

Dimensions LxWxH: 2230x1600x2400

Drive power: 380 V, 50 Hz, 9.5 kW

Belt width: 1520 mm

Temperature of air: 8-13 ℃

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SW-CC coating cabin use chocolate or other fatty masses, looking at the options of a coating cabin, almost any kind of products can be rolled in, such as all kinds of nuts and dried fruit, candy, cookies, gingerbread, jelly products, wafer slices, coffee beans, extrusion products of any shape (asterisks, hearts, beasts), corn sticks, flakes, sweets, marshmallows, bird milk, soufflé, marzipan, truffle and jelly products and many other products.
The product is downloaded manually. To do this, the front door opens, through which you can observe the process of running in.
After loading the desired quantity of the product, the chocolate mass is supplied in liquid condition, through a single heating tube, which is equipped with a certain number of nozzles. From the nozzles the chocolate mass is poured evenly across the width of the tape. The tube with nozzles made with electric heating (ten). To supply chocolate, the needles of the nozzles are opened in pneumatic mode. When the nozzles are closed, the chocolate enters the circulation back to the feeder (collector or tempering machine).
Through the strips that are inside the cabin cold air is supplied for cooling and passes evenly over the product. The flow and speed of air is regulated in the control of the cabin. With the help of air distribution, the coating time is reduced and the product receives a thin layer of chocolate.
For the cleaning of the tape, a system has set of several special scraper knives that operate in pneumatic mode. When cleaning, the scrapers fall to the tape and remove a certain amount of mass from the tape. The mass, which is removed from the tape, falls into the catching container located at the bottom of the machine. The container is removed from the cockpit with chocolate chips, which can be melted, filtered and reused in the process.
The process control is carried out with the help of computer control, can be controlled manually or also automatically by the task of all processes in the system, which then occur automatically.

Options for coating cabin:
Weighing device with strain gauges
This device is installed in the cab, which allows automatic mass feeding and process control via computer control via digital weighing.
Scraper for automatic cleaning of the belt of the coating cabin.
The scraper is mounted in the inner upper part of the draping cab and operates in pneumatic mode. The scraper is used to remove the hard mass on the tape. It is possible to install scrapers with heating as an option. With the help of such a scraper, the removed mass melts into the liquid state and is applied again in the draping process. With this option, the belt from the coating cabin is always ready for the working process.

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