Capacity: up to 250 kg/h

Dimensions LxWxH: 1680x1000x1700

Power: 4 kW

Using for: casting chocolate products

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Designed for casting chocolate products, of various configurations, into polycarbonate forms having the same inter-union distance with the inter-union distances of casting dies. There is the possibility of casting sweets of various configurations: with liquid, fatty fillings, without fillings, with fractions up to 2 mm. The loading of the chocolate mass and the filling can be carried out in the bins either manually or by means of a pump. The level control in the hopper is carried out using sensors. The hoppers, rotors, duct system and casting head have autonomous closed-circuit heating systems using hot water.
The bunkers are equipped with agitators driven by compressed air.
The casting method used in the depositor is based on the principle of a rotary pump with rotational and translational-return movement of the working bodies, which moves the liquid medium (chocolate mass and filling of the same viscosity) with periodic changes in the volumes filled by the chambers:
1. When the rotor or pair of rotors rotates (depending on the design of the machine), mass is sucked into the chambers of the rotor itself.
2. At the same time, the opening by the movement of the rotor and the movement of the comb of the channel for feeding mass.
3. At the same time, the opening by the movement of the rotor and the movement of the comb of the channel for feeding mass.
4. After opening the channel, the comb continues to move and continues to dispense the amount of mass specified from the operator panel.
5. Upon completion of the dosing of a given volume, with the parameters set on the operator panel (suction dose), the rotor and combs return to their original position at the same time (beginning of the cycle) and the cycle repeats. The program can also set preliminary and additional doses of the shell.
Positioning (interval) between the forms (0-100mm) is carried out by a pneumatic brake.
Cleaning the tape with a special scraper is provided, the removed mass is collected in a collecting container.
The process is controlled by a computer panel, a system of servomotors and controllers. The parameters are set manually or automatically provided that all parameters of the work processes are specified, up to 75 recipes (compositions) of the product are stored in the computer memory.

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