Working width: 100 mm

Capacity: up to 2 700 b/h

Weight: 110 kg

Dimensions LxWxH: 760х550х820 mm

Power: 0.4 kW

Using for: for producing the products of fruit, paste based, protein mass

Drive power: 220 V, 380 V, 50 Hz

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Suitable for the manufacture of products from fruit, plastic, protein masses. Such as, marzipan, creamy fudge, toffee, hematogen, soft candied roasted nuts, coconut flakes with syrup, nougat, protein masses and different fruit masses with various additives (date paste, dried apricots, dried French plum, mango, cherry, etc.)

Forming machine for paste based mass RFM-100 is very easy to operate and service. You will no need large production areas and huge lines. Despite its small size, the forming machine RFM-100 has capacity up to 2 700 bars per hour, with a working width of 100 mm.

Design features:

- Fully automatic

- Top-table model

- Suitable for small capacity

- Stainless steel, aluminum and special ultraplastic

- An integrated conveyor system

- Folding cantilever type transporter

- Connection with the rolling machine

- Accurate speed control

- Possibility of a quick cleaning

- Quick change of the mold elements

-Possibility to mould different shapes like ball, couple (dome), bar, shim, oval and etc.

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