Weight: 500 kg

Electric power: 220 V, 50/60 Hz

Film Width: up to 250 mm

Bag Length: 65-190 mm

Working Speed: 60-250 bag/min

Bag width: 30-110 mm

Product Height: up to 40 mm

Power: 2.4 kW

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- Can be connected to production line, make mass production full automatic and efficient possible, also products can be decanted onto the square table, this is convenient for various and small quality items production.
- Whole system customized as per product, avoid product been pressed then out of shape. Products which stuck or failed in direction turning will be rejected to ensure constant and stable working of whole system.
- Speed adjustment controlled by inverter. Speed phrase can be set as per customer request and product shape.
- Humanization design, easy and fast assemble and unassembled.
- Equipped with safe device, e.g. Electricity leakage protection, Emergency stop, Fault stop, Warning light, etc.
- Packing machine can not treat upside down products.
- PU Belt conveyer up to Food Standard
- Area touching product is SS304
- Whole set equipment, conveyer remain the height in accordance with production line.

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