Weight: 4 kg

Dimensions LxWxH: 270x190x145 mm

Power: 0.4 kW

Drive power: 220 V, 50 Hz

Preparation time for work: around 3 min

Measurement time: up to 8 min

Thermostatic chamber: electronic

Sample Volume: 8.5 ml

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Design for:
- the effect of this temperature meter is based on the analysis of the cooling rate curve of the tempered chocolate mass. The device is designed to determine the main indicators of the degree of tempering:
- crystallization temperature;
- slope of the curve;
- temperindex
Instrument Operation:
-tempered chocolate mass, in the amount of 8.5 ml is collected in a container for sampling. The cup is placed in a thermostatic cooling chamber, covered with a lid with a built-in temperature sensor, and the START button is pressed on the touch control panel. After completing the measurement, the measurement results are displayed on the screen, which are automatically saved to the USB drive and, if necessary, printed out from the built-in printer.
Key Features
- integrated computer
- compact, lightweight, convenient for transportation;
- works on the built-in electronic refrigeration unit, without additional refrigerant carriers;
- modern russian software
- touch screen display
- displays the results of tempering in a table form
- built-in printer that allows you to print the results and graphs of the cooling curve from the device itself.

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