Compressed air: 2-3 bar

Weight: 700 kg

Dimensions LxWxH: 1760x1600x2050 mm

Power: 4 kW

Using for: for cut the products

Drive power: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase

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Discover the Ultrasonic cutting machine, designed for cutting and slicing of rectangular and round products and very suitable for smaller and medium size companies.

This machine is equipped with an ultrasonic system with high-quality titanium blades that used to accomplish the best cutting results.

The cleaning unit takes care of cleaning and disinfection. This means safe and automatic cleaning of the blades without interruption of the slicing process.

Beautifully shaped products, less cutting waste, safe cleaning and more profit. Make it all with the Ultrasonic cutting machine!

Functional description:

This highly productive ultrasonic food cutting equipment can cut the type of food sheet, round, rectangular, not only cut the product size adjustable, and the cutting type can be easily accessed through the touch screen control interface. Food ultrasonic cutting machine for food slicing separation is to ensure that the exact size of the cut to achieve the minimum waste to achieve the maximum benefits, and this equipment will be able to meet the above needs. The body of the machine is made from stainless steel. Security devices provide the machine off if the doors are open. The touch panel allows the operator to maintain the formulation, production parameters, simplifying machine management.

Key Features:

- Use excellent ultrasonic technology to ensure cutting quality

- Precise automated mechanical control of the structure to achieve the least amount of waste and maximum production

- Hygienic, without regular maintenance, easy to clean

- Can be integrated into existing production lines and can be used independently

- The cutting mode can be called arbitrarily


- Rectangular foods: rectangular cakes, marshmallow, Turkish fudge, nougat and so on

- Round food: round cake, pizza, pie, cheese and so on

Technical characteristics:

Cutting area (WхL): 700х450mm
Cutting knife width: 300mm
Cutting depth: 60mm
Cutting speed in min: 55-60
Cycles/min: 10 to 55
Air consumption: appr.20 l/min
Product shape: round, rectangle, sheet and etc.
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